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[Automotive] Delivering the Future of Mobility with Diverse Automotive Offerings

Samsung’s end-to-end semiconductor solutions for the rapidly evolving automotive market include advanced memory, powerful processors, safety-enhancing image sensors, and a wide portfolio of foundry technologies.

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The future of mobility is coming. Thanks to our innovative portfolio of automotive semiconductor solutions, Samsung Semiconductor is uniquely positioned to collaborate with our automotive industry partners to help them source and integrate the right technologies from our Memory, System LSI, or Foundry businesses to revolutionize the road ahead. With future vehicles demanding advanced computing and storage capabilities, Samsung Semiconductor’s proven memory technologies are helping rapidly accelerate data-driven mobility. As a trusted partner with a track record for quality, Samsung Memory automotive products like LPDDR5X, GDDR7, Auto UFS 3.1 and Auto SSD give manufacturers access to excellent speed, reliability, graphics and efficiency for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). In addition, our System LSI division helps automotive manufacturers deliver advanced safety and infotainment through powerful processors like the deca-core Exynos Auto V920 with an XClipse GPU capable of powering up to six displays. Samsung automotive image sensors like the ISOCELL Auto 1H1 also enhance safety through technologies that grant drivers exceptional vision even in unsafe lighting conditions. Finally, Samsung Foundry’s automotive business offers manufacturers a wide portfolio of technologies and solutions, as well as a long-term automotive roadmap powered by years of proactive investment. Our spirit of collaboration through our advanced foundry ecosystem is matched only by our trustworthiness as a partner, as demonstrated by our proven track record of certifications. Find out more about Samsung Semiconductor's automotive memory, processors, image sensors and foundry services.