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Global semiconductor companies come together in Israel! Samsung Foundry presents foundry visions at ChipEx 2023

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World-class global companies gathered in Israel to attend Israel’s largest semiconductor event, ChipEx 2023, which was held at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on May 9 (local time). ChipEx is an international event that has been hosted by ASG (Advanced Systems Group: High-tech companies of Israel) since 2009, where various companies showcase their latest technologies and share insights through seminars. Israel has shown advancement in various high-tech fields like AI, fintech, biotechnology, and IoT, and their startups are growing their businesses. This attracted several global tech companies to establish and run local research centers. For the experts gathered at ChipEx, Samsung Foundry presented its innovative technology and solutions, along with future visions under the theme of “Foundry All Around”. In particular, the company introduced technologies such as GAA process technology that can realize semiconductors with high performance and energy efficiency.
Gibong Jeong, EVP, Head of Foundry Business Development team at Samsung Electronics, said in his speech, “The foundry industry is being challenged to develop technologies for more energy-efficient computing devices.” He also added that “GAA transistors that offer higher performance per watt, multi-die integration, and low-power, low-latency memory solutions will make this possible”. Along with this, he highlighted the growth trends in four areas: mobile, HPC, smart cars, and consumers, and presented a future that can be created together by Samsung Semiconductor with foundry customers. You can find out more about ChipEx 2023 where innovative technologies that lead semiconductor technology trends are showcased in the video!