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Epic Moments in Epic Details

Discover the 200MP ISOCELL image sensor's epic details shown on one of

the biggest billboard screen in Europe. Captured with Galaxy S23 Ultra.

  • ISOCELL Photobooth


    with 200MP

    image sensor

    Check out how we hacked the photobooth

    and took over epic billboard screen.

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  • Detail of 200MP

    More pixels

    More detail

    How big can a photo of cat can be? Let's check out a tremendous printing challenge with the 200MP ISOCELL image sensor.

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  • Filming on mobile

    Captured with ISOCELL

    Samsung ISOCELL image sensors have made it easier than ever to showcase your creative side.

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  • Ultra-high resolution

    Details make
    epic photos

    The more you zoom in on your photo,
    the more you’ll be thrilled by its startling quality.

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  • Vivid colors

    with colors

    With a smartphone in your pocket, you can capture every colorful moment of your life.

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