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Advanced node

Always at the forefront of innovation, Samsung Foundry developed
first FinFET and EUV industry leading process technologies that continue
to fuel
current and future platforms.

Process node offerings for high-performance applications

Our technology experts can help you choose the right process node(s) for your target application(s) by offering you a broad and scalable portfolio of FinFET
and EUV technologies. We continue to invest in next-generation advanced GAA technologies so that you will always have the performance, power, bandwidth, quality and reliability you need for first-time silicon success.

To guarantee higher performance, many Samsung Foundry processes have undergone
additional optimizations at the transistor and standard cell level. They also include flexible metal
stack options and higher-track libraries with performance boost kits. Additionally, these process
nodes come with complete foundry services and supply chain support as you ramp up silicon.