Consumer Notice regarding Samsung SSDs

In light of recent reporting for potential breach of self-encrypting SSDs in the case of expert's physical possession and specific technical settings, Samsung provides the following options of added protection for our valued consumers:


For non-portable SSDs:

We recommend installing encryption software (freeware available online) that is compatible with your system.


For portable SSDs:

We recommend updating the firmware on your device. Firmware patch can be updated through Portable SSD Activation Software. For T3, T5 and X5 products, you must first reinstall Portable SSD Activation Software (Version 1.6.7), provided on the Samsung SSD Customer Support page (URL below), before updating the firmware. Please visit the following website for Samsung SSD Customer Support page:


For updating the firmware on T1 products, please contact the nearest Samsung Service Center.

Please visit the following website for contact information of Samsung Service Centers around the globe: