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A blue cloud made of semiconductor parts on top of of a circuit board

digital waste
to save our planet

Junk mail, duplicate files, and apps we no longer use.
They take up space in data centers using energy.

  • Unsave to save

  • Holding a smartphone in one hand and touching the screen with the other
  • Rows of hardware are seen inside a large data center
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Unsave digital
waste to save

By deleting unused data, including files and even old emails you no
need, you’re helping data centers save energy.
The less energy data centers consume, the less the carbon emissions.

The more digital
waste we keep,
the more heat
centers generate

Rows of data storage in a data center lit up with red light

All the searching, streaming, social media, and gaming we do online create new data which is stored in data centers around the world. To save and process an astronomical amount of data, data centers use an enormous amount of electricity while also generating a lot of heat. And even more, electricity is needed to prevent data centers from overheating. Even as we speak, the data on our computers or smartphones that we no longer need or use continues to consume unnecessary amounts of energy at data centers.

Three form factors of Samsung Semiconductor PM9A3

Chips that help
save Earth
by using less energy

At Samsung Semiconductor, we make low-power SSDs and DRAMs that deliver the power efficiency data centers need. If we replaced HDDs with Samsung SSDs and upgraded server DRAMs from DDR4 to Samsung DDR5 in all data center servers released in 2020, we would have saved 7 Terawatt hours(TWh) in a year – enough energy to replace 2.5 coal-fired power plants.

*7 TWh includes the 3 TWh needed to cool down servers.

Let’s start
digital waste now

Closeup of the delete key on a blue backlit keyboard


By cleaning our inboxes, smartphones, and laptops of the files, apps, and photos we don’t need anymore, we’re helping data centers generate less heat and use less electricity. And thus, reducing our carbon footprints.

Illustration of letter in envelope with a floating close button standing on a square surface, an open laptop with a floating close button on a square surface and a smartphone with a floating close button on a square surface
  • Delete junk

    Clean your email inbox by deleting junk mail and unsubscribe from newsletters you never open.

  • Delete unnecessary files

    On your computer
    laptop, sort your files,
    photos and videos to
    delete duplicates or files
    you no longer need.

  • Delete

    Open your smartphone
    to remove all the apps
    you haven’t used in a while.

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