A photo of the dancer.

Shoot like
never before

Showcase your creativity with ISOCELL

* Additional equipment used. Professionally edited.

Over the years, our smartphone cameras have become our go-to tools for capturing our creativity and sharing it with others.
Now, Samsung ISOCELL image sensors have
made it easier than ever to showcase your creative side.

Captured with ISOCELL

Shot entirely using smartphones powered by the ISOCELL image sensors, the video spotlights the mesmerizing moves of the dancer. The result is a stunning example of the beauty of human expression, which inspires you to never stop creating, exploring, and doing what you can’t do.

An exhilarating

Because a smartphone is much
smaller than a professional camera, we were able to test out a variety of shooting techniques and angles that we simply couldn’t imagine
trying before,” said director Min Heo. That freedom to express oneself and push the envelope, Lee explained, is exactly what makes smartphone camera a game-changer for creators.

A photo of the film site; a cameraman shooting with a smartphone.
A photo of the film site; the dancer holding a smartphone. A photo of the film site; a smartphone tied on a fan. A photo of the film site; monitoring the footage via smartphone.

Goes beyond
mobile camera

But at first the director described feeling initially anxious about the idea of shooting a video with a smartphone.
Because many believed that the mobile image sensors are too small to
produce truly cinematic shots. However,
it wasn’t long before ISOCELL put those concerns to rest. “The image quality was much greater than I expected.
And I was also satisfied with colors, details, noise and more.”

Tiny sensor
bigger creative

With each breathtaking shot,
the video proves that our smartphones
have become more than capable of producing professional-quality content.
And the key to achieving such exceptional quality is the ISOCELL image sensor that’s tucked inside our device’s camera.

A photo of the dancer filmed with a smartphone.

* Additional equipment used. Professionally edited.

* Additional equipment used. Professionally edited.

* Additional equipment used. Professionally edited.

#DoWhatYouCant slogan

“Trying it for myself on this project allowed me to look at filmmaking in ways that were
entirely new to me,”
said co-director Jisun Lee. “When you move beyond those fixed ideas,
you’ll see that you have a lot of choices,
you can free yourself from this type of thinking. Either it’s a professional camera or a smartphone, it’s just a tool
to be creative. So if you think outside the box, you’ll find that you can do the things you thought you couldn’t do before.”