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Cloud Solutions Lab

Building datacenter software technologies
to drive Samsung memory innovations for
use in public and private clouds.


The lab is focused on developing software and solutions for the private, public and hybrid clouds, including applications and workloads that run on modern digital enterprises, by leveraging Samsung memory innovations.


The team comprises three groups:

  • Created in 2016, the Samsung Data Platform Team designs and implements a data platform built to handle high-performance workloads operating on unstructured data and not adequately handled by traditional storage solutions—examples include rendering video and graphics, vivarium photo and video data analysis, and industrial IOT applications, including machine learning. Interested parties may email to schedule an evaluation of the platform.

  • The Datacenter Technology Taskforce focuses on building expertise in datacenter technologies, including cloud operating systems like OpenStack, by subjecting our memory products to realistic workloads. The results are used to drive innovations and improvements in our memory products.

  • The Global Open Source Team (GOST) focuses on open source contributions in IO subsystems, enabling optimal use of memory products in the ecosystem.

About Samsung
Semiconductor US

DTC, established in 2021, is headquartered in San Jose with engineers in California, Washington and Maryland. The team has extensive experience in building enterprise class storage systems, operating cloud scale data center technologies and developing infrastructure services for public clouds. A significant number of our engineers hold advanced degrees from top universities.

A photo of a US office building with Samsung logo in front.


DSA Corporate Headquarters, 3655 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134
Samsung Semiconductor San Diego, 5465 Morehouse Dr, San Diego, CA 92121

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Samsung's culture of

Investment in R&D is part of our company DNA.

  • $15B

    Yearly R&D budget

  • 36K

    Employees hold
    doctorates /

  • #1

    the U.S.

  • 44


  • 25%

    Staff is
    to R&D