Embed a quality camera with great ease

The Samsung ISOCELL Plug and Play solution is a pre-optimized turnkey camera module made up of an ISOCELL image
sensor, preferred partner components, and software to help improve development efficiency and expedite
time-to-market for the device manufacturers

Turnkey solution for
easier integration.

Through close partnership and cooperation with preferred partners including Truly for a module, Largan for a lens,
and InvenSense for a gyroscope, the ISOCELL Plug and Play is delivered pre-optimized to device manufacturers
allowing faster time-to-market with reduction in development period.

Motion showing hardware inside the smartphone and rear camera module parts are layered on top of ISOCELL image sensor

Effortless design.
Greater quality.

The Plug and Play is delivered to the device manufacturers with optimization and image quality testing done at the module level. With the complex and time-consuming optimization done beforehand, the manufacturers can save up to four months of camera module development and quality tuning time. For image quality, the ISOCELL Plug and Play has gone through Valued Camera eXperience (VCX)’s objective camera evaluation that maps real life user experience such as dynamic range, noise, texture, color reproduction and more. Through such optimization, the ISOCELL Plug and Play enables device manufacturers to offer the best camera performance in its class.

* Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Motion showing 4 layers of the revised image of the mountain combine together and appears in the smartphone's display with 4 icons; Dynamic range, Noise, Texture, Color

Thorough testing.
Higher reliability.

In general, quality control and testing for image sensor is done at the sensor package level before handed off to the customer. The ISOCELL Plug and Play, on the other hand, has quality control tests such as temperature & humidity cycle, high temperature & high humidity storage, and thermal shock done at the module level. This significantly help reduce device manufacturers’ cost of poor quality (COPQ) and risk of development delay due to problems that may occur when building a camera module. Also, with the module design rule available early on in the device development phase, the manufacturers can efficiently arrange parts within the small real estate of the device.

Blueprint of ISOCELL image sensor's front and back with 4 icons; Temperature Humidity Cycle, High Temperature, High Humidity Storage Test, Thermal Shock, Strength Test

Steady video with less power.

For ISOCELL Slim 3P9, Plug and Play solution comes with EIS software that makes use of the 3P9’s gyro synchronizer feature. Gyro synchronizer enables more accurate and power efficient image stabilization by providing the main processor with synced information of a movement data from the on-device gyroscope and a frame exposure time from the sensor. This solution compensates for unwanted movements up to approximately 6-degrees of each yaw and pitch axis for highly stable video recording and with fast sampling rate it also helps to reduce the jello effect.

*Edited for comparison purposes.


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